Oral SafeGuard

Yong-Ak Song

The application relates to an oral biosensor attached to the tooth surface for the detection of dental caries by monitoring of change in oral pH and/or calcium ion concentration and the sensed information is communicated to other devices via microcontroller unit with a Bluetooth/Wireless module in real-time. a wearable miniaturized intraoral health sensor that can continuously monitor pH, Ca2+ ion, fluoride concentration in the oral cavity in real-time for early detection of caries


Mahmoud AlAhmad

The Piezologist discloses a mobile software-based cardiac monitoring unit that makes use of piezoelectric signals generated by a piezoelectric material placed on the chest wall and a Bluetooth (wireless) communication system, which helps in detecting and monitoring various cardiac parameters in real-time - such as ECG, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse pressure, and pulse wave velocity, etc.

MAG Optics

Hakam Ghabra

MAG Optics is an early stage, ophthalmic med device company, specializing in design and development of presbyopic (loss of near-focus due to age) and refractive surgery solutions. Their leading technology, corneal inlays, are tiny lenses or other optical devices that are inserted into the cornea to improve reading vision.

Hydrophilic catheter for urine collecting

Ahmed Alhamadi

The current invention resulted from the inventor’s need to solve a personal issue, addresses the above problem to a degree by providing a male catheter which limits the risk of leakage and infection whilst avoiding the discomfort and displeasure of unnecessary urethral disruption.


JOE zaarour

Sympaticus is a mobile app which provides a self-help program for treating and preventing Mental Health issues. The current state of psycho/therapy has barriers which include stigma from society/family; high costs per session; scarcity of appointments with qualified therapists; ambiguity with the therapy path or duration. The platform is targeting women with emotional challenges (mainly stress, anxiety, depression), relationship troubles, job-related pressure (burn outs), addiction, food troubles, pregnancy, displacement (refugees), PTSD and panic.

Dental smart insurance

Humida Abdel Momin

Dental Smart Insurance (DSI) is a formula to smile. It’s a simple novel time lined formula to provide the maximum dental benefits for life and reaching the noble goals of the classical costly and poor outcomes oral health improvement programs. Based on serving a coverage of prevention methods and dental services on the exact right time for a totally new generation, and incubate their oral health for life.


Sreekala Sreehari

BREXA is a mobile application which acts as a doctor companion for every women, assisting in early breast cancer detection. The application contains features such as self breast examinations guidance with video, set reminders for mammogram and breast check, breast cancer risk scoring, facilities to spot mammogram centers and breast specialists with GPS guidance, appointment bookings, and information regarding breast cancer diagnostics.

smart navigation system

Mustafa Alhashemi

Smart Navigation Systems is a registered local startup business established in 2014 offering 3 location-based mobile application solutions: Innav; Our School Bus; Smart 5D. Innav is an indoor positioning and navigation system which helps users locate places or objects within venues configured into the system. Application functions include searching for facilities, outdoor to indoor routing and navigation, floor detection, voice guidance, heat maps and analytics.

ProvenMed international .Ltd

Amine Staali

Current external catheters are uncomfortable, bulky and cause urinary. Also lack self-cleaning mechanisms. The aim of the invention is to restore a normal quality of life for patients to manage incontinence, and for women to manage menstrual flow in order to allow them to move freely.


Yassine Mountacif

Deepsense makes it possible to carry out effective diagnosis over time, by developing a non contact device. It is a flexible band to put under the sheet, that allows heart monitoring at a very precise level, by combining pressure nanosensor technology with powerful data analysis.


Gilles Marcellier

Alioscopy screens have strong visual impact. The technology is ideally suited for digital signage, high impact point of sale, advertizing, communication and marketing. As an example, LG rolled-out 225 Alioscopy screens in eight European countries for the launch of the Optimus 3D smartphone back in 2011.

Bitmakers SAS

Jean-Christophe Billard

This solution facilitates the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases through short to long-term ambulatory monitoring of cardiac electrical activity, with the help of innovative instruments and a complete service, which overcoming the capacities of traditional solutions.

Hurricane forcep

Dr. Wafa Alblooshi

This device will extract all teeth for adult and child not like the conventional instruments for adult different from child , upper teeth different instruments the right side different from the left side the lower different from upper the right different from the left. The device will go directly to the bonding area so no need to widen the bones like in the conventional way of extraction . it will cut the bonding by blood molecules which will meet and collide.

Wainsk Hospital RTLS

Wissam Kamal-

This application is a software platform solution which uses BLE (Bluetooth) technology, with beacons, and existing Wi-Fi to track staff, patients and equipment throughout the entire hospital. It will cover 6 main areas of operation in the hospital; Bed Management, Asset Management, Hand Hygiene and Infection Control, Nurse Call Management, Wander Management and Environment Monitoring.

Mobile Decontamination Unit

Ghuwaya Al Neyadi

The MDU is specifically designed to access the remote desert terrain, is transported by truck trailer and is fully operational within 20 minutes of arriving on site. It revolutionizes traditional and existing methods of having to use decontamination tents where the medical staff would have to manage patients in the hot desert environment wearing their CBRNE PPEs.

Yo! Meds

Emmanuel Isreal

A medical platform with a free messaging backbone for all stakeholder and a payment feature which will link users, providers and payers.

Muscle synergy space indexes

Fady Shibata

The application relates to an intelligent robotic neurorehabilitation arm as an assistant and rehabilitation arm for post-stroke patients. This arm speeds up the motor recovery of the affected (paralyzed) arm after stroke for moderate and severe patients.

ElectroBio Quantifier

Mahmoud Alahmad

ElectroBio Quantifier is an electrical biosensor to detect and quantify different kinds of biotic materials, namely cells, viruses, proteins, lipids and even exosomes suspended in human body fluidics such as saliva, blood, semen and urine.

WiDoc or Self-Doc

Ali Almessabi

A new medical kit compatible with all health care sensors needed and an integration with all parties through IOT for a better health monitoring for in-home-patients with less human interaction.

B&I s.a.l

Abdul Rahim Hannawi

VAO (Visualization, Awareness, Optimization) is a platform that is designed to take the decision maker through a process that starts with discovery then situational awareness leading to iterations of enhancements.


wassim hariri

SASHA is a fully autonomous mobile robot to fully automate food distribution in hospitals. With it's unique design, it is able to give each patient the correct meal on time while freeing up service staff to focus on the patient care. With SASHA, no more wasted time, wasted cost, human errors and service staff injuries. Effeciency will be increased in a fast paced, dynamic environment such as a hospital.


Munawar Zulfiqar

A single platform where booking appointments are now just a click away. It brings online consultation at home and saves your valuable time. Sign up on Shifaam and store all your personal medical history in one single application. Bringing hassle free delivery of medicines at your door step. No need to spend time at laboratories, Shifaam will get your tests done at home. Say No to panic! Contact your nearest healthcare organizations in minimum span of time.



FARASHA CARE is the first solution using blockchain and deep learning in the world to offer a real-time follow-up, diagnosis, alerts and prediction using its connected smart medical devices (CARE.UP / HEART UP/ ACAP (Advanced Cardiovascular Analysis for prevention)). The first platform to use embedded machine learning to predict cardiovascular pathologies development and prevent CVDs risks. The first platform to use block-chain to secure and facilitate the exchanges between a patient, healthcare provider and insurances.



HeyDoc! is an online private and secure medical platform which allows patients, anywhere in the world to communicate with a Doctor, anywhere in the world, when they have a non-urgent medical issue and need advice, a second opinion or a follow-up. Consultations are via chat, voice or video, based on user feedback. Target segment is smart phone users between 20-50yrs.

"Millimeter-sized Implantable Continuous Glucose Sensor "

Sohmyung Ha

This applicant proposes to develop a wireless CGM implant that fully integrates all the required components into a single chip achieving an extreme miniaturization to a millimeter scale for minimally invasive subcutaneous implantation and long-term monitoring.

Al Reem International Construction

Saif Al Seiari

Oxygen Rehab Centres will provide solution to heart disease in a real environment by connecting consultants, patients and hospitals through a phone application. Then Oxygen will have its own dedicated outpatient rehab centres where heart patients will get the necessary outpatient services to stay healthy and prevent their selves from fatal heart diseases. Oxygen Rehabilitation Centre through its smart application will bring cardiac patients, their consultants, Hospital on one platform and communication between all of them will be two ways. This particular feature will transform the ways of provision of cardiac rehab services.

"Robotic rehabilitation complex (RRC) AR – X-RAY Aseptic napkin-tool for alvus surgery"


Robotic rehabilitation complex (RRC) It will help to restore the mobility of the lower and upper limbs of disabled by stroke or SCI people as well as to achieve vertical physical activity such as rack training and walking. AR – X-RAY It will help to screen and reveal any problems in the people's organs and help medics choose right decisions in patients treatment. Reality (AR) software, which will help doctors to combine X-ray photographs with the actual limbs (legs, arms, etc.) while looking and inspecting patients, using Microsoft Holo-lens set-up. An array of X-ray photographs uploaded on our server and the VR/AR reality lens help to visualize the bone fractures while looking at patient's limbs. Aseptic napkin-tool for alvus surgery Antiseptic napkin will be used by surgeons to isolate more effectively the operated area, to minimize the risks of tissue and organ injuring and to make the surgery faster and more effective. The product can change its size and shape to fit better to the operated area. The developers of the project are now finalizing the industrial design of the device and produce technological equipment for subsequent manufacturing.

Artificial liver Device

Ali Hilal Alnaqbi

This application relates to an artificial liver device for implantation with improved oxygenation.

"Diagnosis and treatment of Eustachian Tube dysfunction "

Tarik Ozkul

The Eustachian Tube (ET) is a hollow tube that originates in the back of the nose and connects the nasal cavity to the middle ear space. The ET provides ventilation, drainage and protection of mid ear against reflux, microorganisms, excessive sound pressure and pressure changes in pharynx.

Nanomedicine and ultrasound in the fight against cancer

Dr Ghlaeb Adnan

The applicant proposes a novel technique to reduce chemotherapy side effects by encapsulating the chemotherapeutic agent in a nano-sized nanoparticle (micelle or liposome as carrier which mimics human cells) and encapsulating the drug into these carriers that will not be recognized by the immune system until it reaches the tumour site.

Shefa Drone

Mishal Almarzouqi

This application relates to a drone for delivery of blood and medicines. The drone has a smart medical refrigerator which is password locked for security and is battery powered lasting up to 16 hours. The drone carries 12kg load.

Smart Stick

Maryam Al Hammadi

The purpose of “ My I Mate – Smart Cane” is to develop, and build a smart cane which is capable to help the special needs, especially the blind and old people, by facilitate the path of their journey in smart and affordable aspects without the dependence on others, Which leads to better healthies and happier life style for them.

Herbal products

Mohamed Abdulla Al Dhareef Al Shamsi

In the last 15 years ago, I was working in developing 12 herbal products which are tested and safe for human use.

I Wheel Share

florian lainez

This Application relates to a simple software platform which offers a variety of services and venue information for people of determination.

A medical device, medical system and method for detecting diseases

Sultan Hamad Al Azri

The present invention provides a medical device to provide an alert of the potential detection of a disease in an infrastructure having a chamber of air and a geographic location.

Emergency instruction mat, having fold-over tab portion for additional information

Abdulla Al Shehhi

With this invention there is a mat which includes; a substantially planer body, having an upper surface, an opposed lower surface, and a border to delimit the surfaces; connected to; at least one tab portion, having a top surface and an opposed bottom surface; wherein; the tab portion is movable relative to the body.

Methods and Systems for Generating more Efficient Holographic 3D Renderings for use in Medical 3D Printing

Mohamed Elawad

The Application teaches of a more efficient process for 3D printing, utilizing a new approach for generating 3D models from 2D images. The process will create a model which will have greater precision than their predecessors models

DRISTi (diabetic Retinopathy intelligent Screening Technology integrate)

"ARTELUS SOFTWARE HOUSE Pradeep Walia Rajeshwari K Saif AL Darmaki"

DRDS is an AI product designed to detect the presence of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in patients during eye check up screening process. It is designed to analyse retina images using deep learning algorithms developed by Artelus in less than 5 minutes.


Ahmed Alhashemi

Platform to design, distribute, collevt and analyse patients and customers data and feedback to serve them better and analyse their behaviour. It helps to improve the quality of health services, and control/avoid diseases like obesity and diabete in health sectors.

Novel Heterocyclic Systems and Pharmaceutical compositions thereof as novel anticancer drugs

Dr.Mohamed Al Humairi

This invention relates to novel antitumor agents and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, processes for the manufacture of these novel constrained polycyclic benzopyran frameworks as defined in the speciation of general formula of benzothiazole fused to benzopyrane systems, and medicaments containing such compounds. The compounds of the invention have anticancer activity, which results in inhibition of tumor cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis as well as DNA damage. This invention also concerns the use of such compounds in relation to key enzymes thioredoxin reductase, transketolase, cytosol aminopeptidase, glutathione reductase, inositol-3-phosphate synthase and transferrin receptors activities and their regulations.

Discovery of Novel heterocyclic Systems and pharmaceutical applications thereof as novel antibiotics for multidrug resistant bacteria

Dr.Mohamed Al Humairi

This invention describes novel heterocyclic fused systems, which possess many biological activities including but not limited to, antibacterial activity and are useful in the treatment of many disease states including pathogenic infections. In particular, new imidazoles are provided having the general formula imidazopyridine fused to benzoxazepine systems, processes for their preparation, and methods for their pharmaceutical applications for example here as antibacterial agents. These compounds were found active against several Gram-positive bacteria, including but not limited to, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis and Bacillus subtilis. They were also active against several species of multidrug resistant Staphylococcus, including S. aureus, S. saprophyticus, S. haemolyticus, and S. epidermidis.

3D printing Equipment

Lothar Hohmann

We offer a complete solution from scanning to 3D printing that allows not only high accuracy but also speed in order to provide superior services to the patients. The wellbeing and happiness of the patient is of utmost important’ s and 3D printing can be used in more than one way to improves this.

intelligent led technology

Abdeljabar Kamal

Smart Medical Products in Surgical rooms are designed from environmentally friendly screens powered by solar energy.

Dream moisturizer cream

Muna Alhamadi

The present application relates a moisturizing composition which includes a topical cream base having beeswax and essential oils added in a specific method which includes heating and cooling of the moisturizing at a certain rate under specific conditions.

"Use transducer to produce ultra sound increases skin porous then "

Qudama Alzubaidi

Use transducer to produce ultra sound increases skin porous then using thin pin attached with the transducer to hole the vein we can absorb the out blood by discharge using tube attached with transducer to collect blood

Halla Watch

Sana Marhaban

Halla Touch is a children's sports band with a pedometer that connects via bluetooth to a mobile application. User is awarded points called ‘powerpoints’ for reaching fitness goals. This unlocks charitable donations as a way of positive reinforcement for the user to motivate increased activity.

Al Health Station (bodyo)

Patrice Coutard & Tariq Hussain

Currently, within the U.A.E. there are many products that offer wellness & prevention programs, however, none that offer a FREE solution that would allow communities easy and frequent access to measure and monitor vital health data that could prevent them from serious health risks such as chronic heart disease and diabetes. Bodyo has developed an AI Health Station and a set of Home Health Monitoring devices, capturing health vitals shared through our IOS & Android apps or a Supervisor Dashboard.

Mohamed ADarmaki

Protex Device

A device used for the purpose of sterilization and hand cleaning using disinfectants such as diluted chlorine and other materials to get rid of bacteria and viruses from the hands before the delivery of cards and files to the reception offices in all regions such as airports and hospitals

Biomimetic Lymph Node On a Chip


Microfluidic chip comes under lab on chip which has been a revolutionary medium for the study of cell biology, especially for cell-cell interactions. Some common chip designs are repeatedly used for co-culture of various cells due to the advantages of similar micro-environment with human body and real-time controllable manipulation.